Award Procedure

Award Procedure

Various stages involved in award and procedure

Award Stages and Procedure

The nominations for International Technology Awards are self-basis. You or Your PR / Representative company can nominate your company or individual for the award program. We do not encourage 3rd parties to nominate your company.

First Level Jury Evaluation

Our first-level Jury Team verifies the eligibility as per our Standards. The approved nominees move to the voting stage.



During the voting period, every nominee can collect votes from their clients and industry partners. Please refer to the voting guide & FAQ for more details.


Final Jury Evaluation

Our Final level Jury team evaluates each winning element for the company, analyzes their voting’s &, etc..


Winner Announcement

The winners will be announced based on the final Jury Evaluation and Voting. The Winners will be highlighted on the award portal.

Order Winner Package

The Winners can purchase the winner package which includes Trophy, Plaques, Digital certificates, and Rights to use the award name and Logo.