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The World Real Estate Awards stands as a pinnacle of achievement in the global real estate and construction sectors, cementing its reputation as the ultimate accolade for industry excellence. This prestigious event not only celebrates outstanding professionals and businesses but also sets a standard of innovation and quality that reverberates throughout the industry.

The Real Estate Award recognizes industry leaders for their exceptional achievements in the real estate sector. This prestigious accolade highlights individuals and companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance, innovation, and commitment to excellence in the competitive real estate market.
Recognizing excellence in the construction industry is crucial for driving innovation and setting new standards for quality and efficiency. Leaders and companies that demonstrate exceptional skills and expertise not only inspire others but also contribute to the advancement of the industry as a whole
Real Estate Industry Awards acknowledge excellence in sectors like contractors, building material suppliers, interior decorators, technology providers, and hardware suppliers. These awards highlight outstanding contributions and innovative solutions that drive the industry forward

World Real Estate Excellence Awards

Winning a World Real Estate Award is not just about recognition; it's a validation of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to pushing boundaries in an ever-evolving industry landscape. These awards serve as a compass for industry professionals, guiding them towards best practices, trends, and strategies that propel them towards success.

The impact of the World Real Estate Awards goes far beyond a trophy or certificate—it opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships that can shape the future of real estate and construction on a global scale. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the realm of excellence and achievement that defines the World Real Estate Awards. Read More

Award Gala Ceremony Photos

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Who can Participate at World Real Estate Excellence Awards ?

All companies and sectors in the Real Estate industrys, Building and construction industry are eligible to participate at the world real estate excellence awards.



Project owners/operators

Project owners/operators

Real estate investors

Real estate

Community management

Community management/OAM

Asset management


Property management


Facilities management


Major corporate occupiers

Major corporate occupiers

Construction companies

Construction companies

AEC consultants


PropTech companies


ConTech companie


Nominee Profile

  • Real Estate Builders
  • Real estate development authorities
  • Government Organisations / Associations
  • Real Estate agents & Brokers
  • Construction Companies
  • Building Material Suppliers
  • Construction Material Suppliers
  • Real estate technology companies
  • Interior Decors
  • All companies in Real estate & Construction industry
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For businesses in the real estate and construction industry, the World Real Estate Awards offer more than just accolades. They provide a platform to showcase expertise, build credibility, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. The prestige associated with these awards can position a company as a leader in innovation, sustainability, design, and overall excellence. By leveraging the recognition received through the World Real Estate Awards, businesses can attract top talent, forge strategic partnerships, and solidify their standing as industry trailblazers.

Questions & answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are World Real Estate Excellence Awards ?
    Real estate awards are accolades given to professionals and companies in the real estate and construction industry to recognize their outstanding achievements, performance, and contributions to the field.
  • How can winning real estate awards benefit professionals or companies?
    Winning real estate awards can benefit professionals or companies by boosting their credibility, enhancing visibility and reputation in the industry, attracting new clients or partnerships, motivating employees, and providing a competitive edge in the market.
  • Who Can Participate in the Awards?
    All real estate and construction companies who excel in their field, including real estate developers / Builders, Construction companies, Contractors, real estate agents, brokers, architects, and interior designers, are eligible to participate in the World Real Estate Excellence Awards.
  • What Are the Stages in the Awards?
    Following are the stages of award program
    1. Nomination
    2. Nomination Fee payment
    3. Votings
    4. First level Review
    5. Internal Winner Announcement
    6. Gala Ceremony
  • How are the winners selected for the World Real Estate Excellence Awards?
    The winners of the World Real Estate Excellence Awards are chosen through a rigorous evaluation process that considers various criteria such as innovation, sustainability, impact, and overall contribution to the real estate sector. An esteemed panel of judges carefully assesses the nominations to determine the most deserving recipients.
  • What Documents Are Required During the Evaluation Process for Awards?
    During the evaluation process for the World Real Estate Excellence Awards, participants are typically required to submit documents such as project portfolios, case studies, testimonials, Corporate social responsibility, and any relevant certifications or awards.
  • What is the Nomination or Registration Fee ?
    The nomination fee typically covers the administrative costs associated with reviewing and evaluating submissions. The Nomination or Registration cost depends on the number of awards and number of categories you participate in each award.  Please refer to the media kit for more details about the nomination pricing.
  • What is the Winner package ?
    Only the winners are eligible to order a winner package.
    Winner packages offer promotional opportunities and benefits to maximize the value of your achievement. The pricing for these packages can vary depending on the winner package materials included.
    1. Rights to use Award Logo :  Winner package is inclusive of Rights to use Award logo, Award name, Winning Title and Announcement details.
    2. Complimentary Gala Entry passes : Winners get an opportunity to attend the gala ceremony and the entry passes will be provided on first come first serve basis
    3. Digital Materials: Customized winner badges, certificates
    4. Physical Winner Package items : Trophies, Plaques, Medals & Stickers
    5. Online Exposure: Winner packages may include featured listings on the awarding organization's website, social media platforms. These online placements can boost your visibility and drive traffic to your website.
    6. Promotional Opportunities: Some winner packages provide opportunities for speaking engagements, participation in industry events, or inclusion in mentorship programs. These promotional activities can further establish your expertise and credibility in the field.
    Please refer to the Media kit for more details about the winner package and pricing.
  • What are the dates and locations for the World Real Estate Excellence Awards Gala Ceremonies in 2024?
    The Gala Ceremony for the Asia & Oceania region is set to take place in November 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. 
    Similarly, the Gala Ceremony for the Middle East, America, Europe, and Africa region is also scheduled during the same month in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • How can we attend the World Real Estate Excellence Awards Gala Ceremony?
    The winners will be invited to attend the gala ceremony. The winners receive the complimentary Gala ceremony tickets when they order a winner package 

World Real Estate Excellence Awards Sectors

In the dynamic realm of the World Real Estate Awards, excellence is celebrated across a diverse array of categories, each embodying distinctive criteria that set the bar for industry standards. Let's delve into the various categories and their respective criteria that define the pinnacle of achievement in the real estate sector:

UAE Restaurant Awards
Building and Construction Awards

Recognizing the backbone of real estate development, the Building and Construction Awards honor projects that exhibit unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability in their design and execution. From towering skyscrapers to intricate residential complexes, these awards spotlight the dedication and expertise of construction professionals in bringing architectural visions to life.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Elevating opulence and exclusivity to new heights, the Luxury Lifestyle Award pays tribute to properties that redefine luxury living. From lavish penthouses overlooking panoramic cityscapes to secluded beachfront villas exuding sophistication, this award celebrates the epitome of elegance and indulgence in the real estate market.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Green Building Awards

In an era of environmental consciousness, the Green Building Award shines a spotlight on sustainable construction practices and eco-friendly design innovations. From energy-efficient buildings to carbon-neutral developments, this award honors projects that not only reduce ecological impact but also pave the way for a more sustainable future in the real estate industry.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Property Award: Award for Property and Property Management Companies

Acknowledging excellence in property management and maintenance, the Property Award recognizes companies that demonstrate exceptional service, integrity, and professionalism in overseeing properties. Whether managing residential complexes, commercial spaces, or mixed-use developments, recipients of this award exemplify the gold standard in property management practices.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Realtor Awards

Celebrating the dedication and expertise of real estate professionals, the Realtor Awards honor individuals who excel in client satisfaction, market knowledge, and negotiation skills. From seasoned veterans to rising stars in the industry, these awards recognize the pivotal role that real estate agents play in guiding clients through the intricate process of buying or selling properties.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Real Estate Agent Awards

With a keen focus on excellence in client representation and sales performance, the Real Estate Agent Awards pay tribute to agents who go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results for their clients. Whether closing deals with finesse, negotiating with precision, or providing unparalleled customer service, these awards highlight the standout achievements of top-performing real estate agents.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Awards for Contractors

Acknowledging the expertise and dedication of construction contractors, the Awards for Contractors celebrate professionals who demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship, project management skills, and industry leadership. From large-scale developers to specialized contractors, these awards recognize the vital role that contractors play in shaping the built environment and delivering exceptional quality in construction projects.

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UAE Restaurant Awards
Builder Award

Embodying the essence of visionary leadership and exceptional project delivery, the Builder Award distinguishes individuals or companies that excel in constructing quality developments that stand the test of time. From innovative design solutions to meticulous attention to detail, recipients of this award exemplify the highest standards of craftsmanship and integrity in the real estate construction industry.

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In the competitive landscape of the World Real Estate Awards, these categories and criteria stand as a testament to the commitment, innovation, and excellence that define the pinnacle of achievement in the global real estate sector.

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The World Real Estate Awards stand as a beacon of excellence and innovation, setting unparalleled benchmarks in the real estate and construction sectors. By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of top professionals and companies, these awards not only honor their hard work but also provide a significant boost to their reputation and credibility. Winning a World Real Estate Award is a testament to one's dedication to quality and success, propelling them to the forefront of the industry. Embrace the opportunity these awards present to showcase your expertise and elevate your standing in the competitive world of real estate and construction.